Wild Blue Blueberry Lager

As I took this beer out of the fridge I noted how little mention of its brewery is present and that I knew nothing about it. If you look at the very bottom in small print it states: Blue Dawg Brewing, Baldwinsville, NY. With a little bit of research I learned this is actually a brew marketed as a craft beer by Anheuser-Busch (I should almost say InBev I suppose.) No wonder the shopkeep said this was a popular beer. Oh well, it looks like an interesting one so lets see how it goes. This beer produces a vast amount of pink head. Color is a deep magnificent raspberry. Aroma is of intense blueberry, somewhat artificial seeming but pungent of berries in general. Mouthfeel is very light. Flavor is strange, definately of blueberry but also a difficult to describe perhaps malty carbonated flavor that has a slight hint of alcohol. Considering that this beer is 8% ABV, part of the reason I was initially attracted to it, it is not heavily alcohol flavored. This beer is a rather simple lager, and definitely a blueberry beer but it is surprisingly satisfying. I can’t say I would regularly pickup this beer, because it’s just not what I’m looking for, but I would gladly drink many of these had I not bought just one in a mixed six pack. Though I don’t give a flying fuck about A-B and am only concerned about the InBev takeover because I feel our country is selling out all of its industry, I actually have to give A-B some credit on this one. Good investment. If you like fruity beer, particularly simple lagers, you will most likely love this beer. Otherwise if you just want a strong easy to drink and surprisingly good tasting fruit beer this is a very good choice. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Wild Blue Blueberry Lager

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  1. Thank you. I’ve seen this in the store a few times and was intrigued by it. Town Hall has a blueberry wheat beer and I liked that so I think I will pick one of these up. Also, Town Hall has a great Belgian wit on tap right now, sunshine something or other, very good.

    Last winter A-B had a Winter Bourbon Cask Ale that was very good. Very malty and caramel and dark. Perfect for cold nights in front of the grill. They also have a pumpkin beer in the fall, but I have not had it but also hear that is good. I try to stay local or small company but you can’t argue with good taste.

  2. I made the mistake of trying “sea dog blueberry ale” after trying, loving, and trying to find in vain, more Wild Blue Blueberry Lager-I was unbelievably disappointed!! Wild Blue is Exceptional!!! And the only I’ve found that matches!! I hope it siticks around!!

  3. Does anyone know if this is available in any MN liquor stores?

  4. Absolutely. This particular bottle I bought at Sinful Wine & Spirits in Bloomington a very nice family run store that hosts a myriad of tasting events. I’m pretty sure I saw some on the shelves at Big Top Liquors in St. Paul and it is probably stocked at a number of other places because it is made by Anheuser Busch.

  5. Sinful is now out (and man that stuff is good LOL). Yeah, I’ll check some of the other better liquour stores to see if I can locate it.

  6. Glad it worked out for you 🙂 . If you enjoy this stuff perhaps you will enjoy the beer that Town Hall Brewery is releasing today called Winterberry. Obviously I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but it is a blueberry ale and they tend to make good brews. Might want to check it out.

  7. Last night, I couldn’t find my usual high-alcohol content beer, Golden Monkey, so I went for something new: Wild Blue. I was skeptical when I heard “blueberry beer,” because I’m really not into fruity drinks/beers, but at 8% alcohol I thought I’d give it a try. It took me about half an hour of complete taste-confusion to realize it was goddamn awesome. Yeah, it was sweet, and it’s nothing close to what I typically like in a beer (I’m a fan of porters and other beers that are so thick and bitter you could cut them with a knife).

    Keeping an open mind, I ended up deciding Wild Blue is pretty damn acceptable stuff. The sweetness of the blueberry flavor was shocking at first, but it didn’t stick with me forever like the awfulness that is Mike’s Hard anything. I’d taste it, then the lager-y flavor kicked in and the sweet went away. I wasn’t haunted by blueberry all night. It also didn’t have that I’m-totally-gonna-kick-your-ass-and-we-both-know-it taste that a lot of high-alcohol content beers have, so it seems to have a tendency to sneak up on ya — but in a very good way. So yeah, Wild Blue. I totally get why it got terrible reviews, but I think it’s surprisingly decent. You just can’t drink it expecting it to be, well, beer.

    If I ever have a friend over who claims to not like beer, Wild Blue might be a good gateway drink. And damn, you would NEVER know it’s 8% alcohol if it didn’t say so on the bottle, and then proceed to knock you flat on your ass. Never in a million years.

  8. Always glad to hear about people sampling new brews. I was at the store where I bought the above bottle yesterday and was strangely tempted to grab another bottle for the hell of it but couldn’t bring myself to do so. I completely understand the confusion you refer to…it really is one strange beverage, more of an alcopop than a beer and not something one will enjoy if they are expecting proper beer, but at the same time a quite tasty drink in an almost perverse way and as you illustrated a beer that a nonbeer drinker would likely enjoy and be oblivious to the fact that the are drinking beer as well as the sheer alcoholic content. Cheers!
    P.S. That’s some very cool art work you create

  9. I LOVED this! I don’t really like beer so this was a great find. The alcohol does sneak up on you though. To appreciate this brew, I think one has to let go of one’s normal perceptions of beer. It’s Yummy!

  10. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Keep on trying new brews 🙂 Cheers!

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  12. I’m not a beer drinker, as a matter of fact I generally would rather lick the bottom of a bums shoe than willing drink a beer. That being said I love wild blue it truly is a beer made for non beer drinkers if that makes any sense. If you buy a six pack expecting a true beer flavor you will undoubtedly be disappointed, however if you go in knowing that this isn’t a beer that is made in the usual way with the usual flavor I think you will be pleasantly surprised! I highly recommend wild blue!

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