Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Today I get to write about a brewery that I have wanted to pursue since I first read about them over a year ago, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery from Milton, Delaware. From their year round brews such as their 60 Minute IPA that we have today, to some of their more elusive “Occasional Rarities” I have read and heard nothing but praise for Dogfish Head and the love, passion, and creativity they put into all of their beer. Though while in Wisconsin I was only able to find 2 varieties of their beer I was still very content and can’t wait to crack into my first bottle. Thanks to our absurd alcohol distribution system and the numerous difficulties for smaller craft breweries when it comes to getting their beers around the country, Dogfish Head is not available in our fine state of Minnesota. Maybe someday but until then I will have to manage to be content. Pours an incredibly transparent slightly reddish copper color with about a half an inch of white head that lasts for a few minutes. Aroma is robust and hoppy, I detect light almost brandy like aromas that mix in ever so nicely. If I could only describe the satisfied smile on my face after taking a few sips of this beer. The hop profile of this beer is immense, it is no doubt that hops are added regularly during the 60 minute boil of this beers wort. What is so wonderful about this beer is how smooth and balanced it is while still being almost only hoppy. Nice bitterness comes first I am thinking I am noticing some of the Warrior hops, but then comes a gentler citrus like hop flavor that still includes a wonderful bitter hint. Mouthfeel is medium but body is light making this beer very drinkable if you are used to a hoppy beer. With a 6% ABV I could see myself easily drinking far too many of these and not noticing, though I would almost expect it to be a stronger beer with its wonderfully complex hop flavors. Drinking this beer makes me more and more excited at the opportunity to someday drink their 90 and 120 Minute versions because I am sure they will be able to balance their respective contents marvelously if the 60 Minute is any example. Though this beer is unquestionably designed for hop fans and will almost certainly quench the thirst of any beer geek, I think someone who isn’t accustomed to so much hop flavor my also be able to appreciate this brew if they were to give it a chance because of its interesting balance. Not exactly for the wary but if you like a good artisan beer this is a wonderful choice and like any IPA  would go marvelously with a nice spicy dish. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

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  1. Interesting. Just last weekend I was in Madison and their 90 Minute IPA. I was hopping for more hops but it was only like 90 IBU, which is no slouch IPA but not like our glorious Furious. It was still very good though. I also got the Dog Fish Head Pumpkin Beer and that was excellent. I wish I would have stocked up on that.

    My website will be up sooner than later. I decided to skip the class project, which I will still do but not bring it live, and just use a regular blog site, which now that I see is the same host as yours. I just need to gussy it up. My first post will be my beer adventure in Madison.

  2. Interesting. Your absolutely correct about it not having the robust bitter hop intensity that Furious does which is why I suggested an adventurous hop wary beer lover may still be able to appreciate this brew and perhaps gain something. The mesh of different hop flavors is what I liked so much about this tasty brew. I am now somewhat regretting (as I have since we started driving away) passing up their Pumpkin Ale as well as their Festina Peche. Oh well there’s always another beer out there to drink. Someday…

    Good luck on your blog.

  3. Town Hall is having their anniversary this week. Plus they have a fresh batch of their Pumpkin brew which is also very good. Not as good as Dig Fish heads though.

  4. For sure man, I’ve been meaning to make it up there for the past week or so, they released their Fresh Hop 2008 on the 13th, I hope they still have some. I have it posted in the Future Events page but I really need to get my calendar up and running so I can put something in the sidebar because I never post about those kinda things on the main page. Would like to try their Grand Cru as well though that’s not until tomorrow. If I make it out to Kramarczuk’s tonight to grab some brats I’ll definitely have to stop by Town Hall to see whats good.

  5. Hey, like your blog. DFH 60 is probably one of my favorite IPAs of all time. Fantastic amber notes. I just brewed a clone of it a couple weekends ago, and plan to get it bottled up before Thanksgiving.

  6. Minneapolis Michael Says:
    December 6th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    I talked to Alvey, at the Four Firkins, today, and he said that Dogfish Head is on its way to MN. For more, check out my blog:

  7. […] and inventive craft beers. I have managed in the past to get my hands on their delicious 60 [review] and 90 Minute IPAs [review] but until now the 120 Minute IPA has eluded my grasps. Conveniently a […]

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