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I tend to avoid posting much beer news as there are plenty of other sites (MNBeer & Beer News are my favorites) that do a wonderful job of informing the world about craft beer happenings and I feel redundant. Regardless today I have the wonderful opportunity to inform you the exciting news that Surly Brewing will be re-releasing a snazzy ale that was originally referred to as 16 Grit under the name Surly Abrasive Ale in cans. For those of you that are unfamiliar 16 Grit was brewed as a treat to Surly Nation at the end of 2008 when Surly was forced to stop off selling growlers on their premise due to foolishly restrictive Minnesota State Liquor Laws. While I’m sure the brew will taste a bit different this time around here is my review from the original production if your curious. Additionally Surly’s new bottling line will be getting a nice work out as they plan to bottle Surly Smoke and this years anniversary ale Surly Four in the near future in 750ml bottles. Since were talking news I may as well mention that the Surly Four release will be at The Blue Nile on February 23rd where the friendly bar manager Al who wrote the Surly Smoke label text works. Also Surly’s Mild will be released this year Feburary 2nd at Grumpy’s NE @ 7 pm.  Last but not least Surly has just redesigned their web page and it looks pretty darn snazzy, but it seems their still having some hosting difficulties as of the moment. I’m sure they’ll get it worked out though.

Surly Abrasive Ale Label

Surly Smoke Label

No More Growlers :(

No More Growlers 🙁

10 Responses to “Some Surly News”

  1. Whoa! How’d you hear about this?

  2. What is the expected release date for the Abrasive Ale?

  3. Beckel coming through with the 411. Proper

  4. Nice scoop Beckel, been too long since we have shared a beer, hope to see you for sure at the Surly release at Blue Nile!

  5. Got the info from the above Beer News website (who got it from The Beer Spot). Also the improved description and additional title on the new Surly website somewhat hinted at it though states nothing explicitly. The Beer Spot suggests that it will be available sometime in March or April. Glad to do my part, and yes I’ll see all ya’ll at the Blue Nile 🙂 Cheers!

  6. Who’s that jerk with the empty growler?

  7. I dunno, but I hope to never run into him. He looks scary! Plus with a jacket like that he probably rides a bike 😉


  9. There exists at least one growler of 16 Grit. This tale is not ledgend – I have SEEN it with my own eyes! Now to find a way to wrest it away…

  10. Who ever still has some is very patient. I managed to wait a few months to consume my last few but that was all the strength I could muster. It would be interesting to see how much the flavor profile has changed in the past year.

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