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Three Floyds Apocalypse Cow

Today I have another ale from Three Floyds that is sure to be impressive. Both their IPA Alpha King and their Imperial IPA Dreadnaught are fantastic examples of the style and now we have Apocalypse Cow a Double IPA with lactose which is brilliantly atypical.

Pours a completely opaque bright orange hue producing about two fingers of off white head that fades within a few minutes leaving a small amount of lacing around the glass. Smells of rich orange marmalade, soft floral notes, moderate bitterness and a gentle lactose sweetness that complements the malt quite nicely. Tastes strongly of smooth oranges, fantastically sweet milk sugar (lactose) and a lovely bitter finish. The body of this beer is medium and the mouthfeel has a wonderful creamy component but is still amazingly smooth. Consisting of soft creamy notes initially and then a tongue tingling bitter finish. Modest alcohol is noticeable but you would be hard pressed to notice that it is a solid 11% ABV. Definitely an unique approach to a very popular style and an enjoyable brew. If you dig hops and particularly oranges you will be all over this brew. It almost reminds me of a dreamsicle though not atrociously sweet and fantastically more bitter and complex. With most beers I suggest consumption on the warm side, particularly unique brews but in this case I prefer Apocalypse Cow on the colder side of the equation as it seems to balance better when you get more assertive hop notes.  If you are lucky enough to be near somewhere Three Floyds distributes I would certainly suggest giving this one a run for your money. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Three Floyds Apocalypse Cow

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