This blog will chronicle the journey of my legal consumption of beer and spirits and my opinions of them. Focus will largely be on craft beers available in the Minnesota area as that is where I reside. Though I welcome any beverage contributions from far and wide.

It is simply insane that we live in a world where a human being can give their life up for their country but not be given the trust to consume an alcoholic beverage at the same time. In time we will discuss many more absurdities of our legal system including the gray area that liquor is forced to live in due to the fact that the 21st amendment simply repealed the 18th amendment and did not lay out a rational structure for our nations liquor laws.

Every person has their own interpretation of how any particular beer may taste, this is part of the joy of quality craft beer and the experiences of tasting beer together so with that said: Have a beer and ride a bike; and let me know what you think about this lovely beverage.

Want to share or trade some beer? Leave a comment, the more the merrier.