Hardcore Crisp Apple Cider

July 7th, 2008 beckel

This beverage isn’t exactly beer, and you probably won’t see too many reviews of its kind, but it is alcohol none the less. Also this blog isn’t about me, but about beer, anyhow last week I was taking my new BOB Yak bicycle trailer out on its maiden voyage (which kicks ass by the way) Bob Yakand after a sweaty ride to Surdyks and much indecisiveness I ended up in front of some Strongbow cider. This made me think of the joys I had while in England drinking a couple of these on the street before a Jack the Ripper tour. This is even further irrelevant because I then saw some Hardcore cider and decided to add that to my cart instead, as I remembered it being more dry and less sweet than the Strongbow. This cider pours a light apple juice color with only a bit of head even if you pour quite sloppily. Smells somewhat of fermented apples, but more of dry alcohol. Mouthfeel is light. As I hoped this is a refreshing drink. Tastes like apple juice with a carbonated alcohol in the end. With 5.5% ABV this seems like a great drink to choose if you don’t want beer, but still want something refreshing and alcoholic. According to the label this beer is brewed by The Hardcore Cider Company in Cincinnati, Ohio and distributed by Boston Beer Company obviously from Boston, Massachusetts but through some internet research it would seem it is simply a creation of Boston Beer Company. I have mixed feelings about the aforementioned company, but it is a decent drink and they do some interesting things for the craft beer community no matter how large they may be. They particularly get credit for their hop sharing program this year. If you looking for a cider, this one packs a nice light punch, give it a shot and ride your bike.

Hardcore Cider