North Coast Brewing Acme Pale Ale

For the past few days I have been attending my cousins lovely wedding in Shawnee, Kansas. While there we went to the nearby liquor store and I was pleasantly surprised by their selection. This beer chosen by my stepdad is brewed by North Coast Brewing from California; who in 1996 resurrected the Acme name originally from San Fransisco and continues to brew their Pale Ale and IPA in Fort Bragg, CA. This beer pours a deep hazy apricot color, certainly unfiltered. Smells of pale malt and quite a bit of citrus. Head is modest and white. Flavor is a bit sour but malty. Mouthfeel is light and refreshing. This is a decent drinkable beer, but a little simple and pale for my tastes. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying this beer, but it is a bit sour.  If you like a citrus filled pale ale give it a shot and ride your bike.

North Coast Brewing Acme Pale Ale

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  1. North Coast Brewery is my current favorite. If you can get their Brother Thelonious, Pranqster, Old Stock Ale and Le Meire, and pretty much everyone I have had from them have been smashing.

    Love your blog too, we need to meet again for some drinks and a ride.

  2. For sure man send me a PM sometime when your bored, I’m usually just riding in circles. Thanks for the suggestions, I always love trying new beer. Glad to hear good things about the company, from browsing their website they seem to be a pretty cool company. The Old Stock looks darn hardcore definitely have to give that one a shot first.

  3. […] I couldn’t help but give it a chance. I wasn’t the biggest fan of their Acme Pale Ale [review] because it had more pale malt and citrus flavors than I prefer but I’ve heard good things […]

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