Southern Tier Pumking

I’ve been wanting to savor Pumking for sometime since I purchased it as I have yet to be let down by a Southern Tier Ale. I always question flavored ales but if their creme brulee is any example of what they can do to a beer I highly doubt I will not approve of the quality of this beer. Pours a nice roasted orange color that is transparent but deep. Head is a solid inch and 1/2 and cascades very nicely producing creme colored bubbles that are quite fluffy. Aroma is wonderful, sugar and spice hit the nose immediately and lead me to believe I am about to bite into a lovely fresh pumpkin pie. Though I am a bit sad I don’t have any actual pie to accompany this beer the flavor almost makes up for it. Sugary and Spicy flavors are immense and wonderfully compliment the great pumpkin flavor of this beer, a little bit of alcohol is noticeable but almost nothing considering its 9% ABV.  Though full flavored this beer is very drinkable and has a rather light mouthfeel. This would be a great desert beer or a lovely beer to drink with a good hearty meal. It is a bit odd for me to think of enjoying a pumpkin pie flavored beer but this was a delightful experience. If you like a sweet somewhat creamy beer or happen to have a fondness to pumpkin pie this is absolutely worth consuming. Give it a shot and ride your bike.
Southern Tier Pumking

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  1. Just got this about a week ago, excellent, most interesting beer I have had in a long time. Though if you find it in the stores I say stock up. I guess distribution got f’ed up royally and most stores got small shipments, The Cellars in Roseville only got two cases while some backwoods store in Red Wing got 15.

    I will soon be joining you in beer postings. I am taking a web design class and it will be about beer and eventually home brewing (funds pending).

  2. Thanks for the input I will surely grab a few bottles for stock as this is obviously a delightful beer for that special occasion. Good to hear you plan on contributing to the community it’s always good to have fellow beer lovers that speak up and web dev is always fun if not occasionally tedious. Godspeed on your brewing I know my biggest mistake is procrastinating as much as I have on that one…oh well, it’ll happen soon.

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