Tyranena Spank Me Baby!

Today we have a Barleywine brewed by the lovely folk at Tyranena Brewing from the land of Lake Mills, WI. As part of their ever changing Brewers Gone Wild series I was quite excited to sample this brew, as most of their experimental beers I have had the opportunity to sample have been delightfully flavorful and strong. This beer pours bright red raspberry like color that is incredibly opaque letting no light through. Head is white and about two fingers. Aroma is very malty, sweet, slightly roasted with some fruit and a hint of alcohol.The flavor of this ale is very unique. Rich and malty with a gentle roasted flavor. Figs and raisins come through strong and cover the 9% ABV of this beer remarkably. The body is relatively light for a Barleywine though the mouthfeel is a tad sticky. Definitely a tasty ale to accompany an hearty meal. Not my favorite from the series so far but quite tasty and something I’m very glad I had the opportunity to sample and would gladly drink again, though I just poured my 2nd and last of the four pack. If you are a fan of ales like Dogfish Head’s Raison D’etre you will undoubtedly enjoy this brew. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Tyranena Spank Me Baby!

3 Responses to “Tyranena Spank Me Baby!”

  1. Got to get me some of this. I am starting to get pretty full of the Porters and Stouts. I am waiting for Flat Earth’s Winter Warlock to hit the shelves, that is a nice barley wine.

  2. Indeed, I always love the complexity and uniqueness of the Barleywine style. I definitely want to sample some of the Warlock, was tempted to go down to the Muddy Pig on Monday to try some at the tapping but I wasn’t motivated enough to bike down to St. Paul.

  3. It is not like any other barley wine out there. More golden than dark, sweeter and less bitter.

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