Southern Tier Gemini

Today I hope to enlighten you to what is sure to be a wonderful experience. This Tuesday I did my obligatory duty and headed over to The Four Firkins with a good friend of mine to get our allotments of Bells Hopslam [review] and Surly Coffee Bender. While there I of course found a pile of other beer I had to get my hands on, but that’s for another post. What is important today is the first thing I set my eyes on in the IPA section, Southern Tier Gemini. Now I will start with the disclaimer that I am one of these said crazy Gemini, but regardless I have been anticipating this ale since the day they first posted it on their web page and can not explain with words my excitement in finding it on the shelves. This beer I have been hoping would make it our way is a combination of 50% unfiltered Hoppe their Imperial Pale Ale and 50% unfiltered Unearthly their Imperial India Pale Ale [review]. Both wonderful ales that are worth your time and money and I am terribly excited to see how the mix fares. This ale pours a rather light golden hue that is quite appealing though transparent having no noticeable sediment. In my slightly heavy pour I easily produced over three fingers of a very crisp white colored head that settled after a couple minutes leaving a good amount of lacing all around the glass. The aroma is great, it smells just like these two ales together should. Many different layers of hop, some nice bitterness rounded off by some paler malts and then complimented with some citrus and other floral aromas. A bit paler that expected and definately some alcohol in the nose, but I’m sure as always Southern Tier will work that out when it gets to the flavor. Wow, this is an interesting beer that is perfectly named because it absolutely seems to have a split personality when it comes to flavor. Flavor is mostly on the paler side with nice sweet malt undertones. Then come in the hoppy flavors, kicking you some bitterness and almost tangy citrus as well as some fresh wood flavors. I almost want to say this ale has a personality disorder as the balance is not typical but particularly when served at a proper temperature it is really quite tasty and balanced int its own unique way. The body is medium but quite light for an imperial ale and the mouthfeel is a tiny bit caramely but not too sticky. The 10.5% AVB of this beer is noticeable because some of the paler flavors just cant quite cover it, but not dominate at all or excessive because the bitter hop presence does a very good job of distracting your taste buds. Though this ale isn’t exactly what I expected, my expectations were never very solidified. It is less hoppy then I was expecting but that is simply because of how intense in the hop department Unearthly is but understandable considering Hoppe isn’t so much, though very good. This creative concoction is probably most appropriate for people who enjoy diversely flavored ales and will enjoy the many contrasts present but could definitely appeal to a broader audience complimenting a good hearty meal. Always happy to see breweries trying new things. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Southern Tier Gemini

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  1. For some reason your RSS is not renewing for me, I still have your Chocolate Indulgence as your last post.

  2. Odd. Looks like it’s working fine for me with Google Reader. What do you use for RSS?

  3. Yahoo. Doesn’t really matter though, I usually go direct. I was going to pick this up myself but opted for a barley wine weekend, which is actually going to spill into this weekend along with the Hop Slam and C Bender. I got a growler of Fitgers Brew House barley wine. BAM!

  4. Sweet. I recently picked up a Barleywine I am quite excited to try, Pilgrim’s Dole from New Holland Brewing which is 50% wheat and sure to be interesting.

  5. Dude, I reviewed it about a week ago. One word: bread.

  6. I love beers. I am a drunk because of it.Southern tier has the best pumkin ale in the the a chance to try gemini india pal ale. the best so far . I like very hoppy beers. most are to bitter. this beer leaves a smooth high class wine silky after tast.But the only thing I don,t like is the price!!I think S.T. is taken advantage of the people that support beer should cost that much. yet we still buy it.

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