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Left Hand Smoke Jumper Smoked Imperial Porter

Today I am very pleased to be pouring a glass of Left Hand Brewing’s Smoke Jumper, a Smoked Imperial Porter. This ale is their most recent brew in their Big Mo’ Series and hales from Longmont, Colorado. Though Left Hand has consistently impressed me I rarely get to purchasing their ales. I am not the biggest fan of smoked ales as I find many of them overpowering when consumed alone, but luckily the other week when I was picking up my Hopslam at The Four Firkins Alvey pointed out this new ale and shared some samples with the patrons in the store at the time. I can not thank him enough, this is one wonderful brew. On to the good stuff. This ale pours a nice deep black color that is completely opaque and produces a solid four fingers of dark brown head that clings nicely around the glass. Aroma is wonderfully rich and malty, creating scents of coffee, chocolate and toffee as well as some subtle sweetness and nice smokey barbecued pork smell. I’m already starting to get hungry and I haven’t even taken a sip. This is one full flavored ale with a massive malt profile. Tastes largely of dark malts that create some pitted fruit flavors complimented with some very nice sweetness that helps balance the rich smokey flavors that make me want to light up the grill ASAP.  The body is medium but light for a porter and the mouthfeel is very creamy. The 9.2% ABV of this ale is very well hidden by the many flavors of this ale so don’t forget what your drinking. If you are a fan of smoked ales you will most likely enjoy this one and even if you do not it is still likely worth your time. This is one perfect pairing brew and would go wonderfully with anything grilled or add some very nice components to something simpler like a risotto or even some nice seafood. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Left Hand Smoke Jumper Smoked Imperial Porter

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