Dogfish Head Red & White

Now we have an even more exciting brew from Dogfish Head their Red & White. A Witbier brewed with coriander, orange peel and Pinot Noir juice with 11% aged in Pinot Noir barrels and the rest aged on oak barrel staves. At 10% ABV this one is sure to be a sipper.

Pours an attractive amber hue that is quite translucent with little specks of sediment floating about. About three fingers of crisp white head are produced and fades within a few minutes leaving a very small amount of lacing and about a millimeter of residual bubbles. Smells assertively of Pinot Noir grapes, cherry, oak, enjoyable sweetness, modest bitterness, a variety of other fruit & citrus esters, particularly orange, light alcohol and something that reminds me somewhat of bubblegum. Flavor is very interesting and complex. A great variety of fruit esters, particularly dark pitted fruits, fermented grapes and oranges, molasses, gentle alcohol and herbal esters. Body is surprisingly light and the mouthfeel is quite carbonated and slightly slick. As it is allowed to warm the coriander is easily identified on the nose and more clear in the flavor even though I barely noticed it when colder. Additionally more furit esters also come out including plum, pomegranate and even blueberry. Considering it’s massive flavor profile it is no real surprise that the alcohol is not overtly obvious but is none the less impressive. Over all a quite delicious and impressive brew that most will enjoy and would also work as an in between beer for wine connoisseurs. Absolutely worth sampling if you have the chance and a good example of what joys experimentation can leave us with. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Dogfish Head Red & White

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  1. i really like this brew. just picked up and drank a bottle last weekend. i went out for HH before and had quite a few before getting home. beth and i each drank a few glasses of it but were unable to finish the last 2 fingers or so in my glass before er.. falling assleep. in the AM, the yeast had just exploded crazy and had formed some really huge gross colonies suspended in the glass. we’re talking little under dime size masses hanging in there. very interesting looking! hey, if youre going to WI all the time get yourself some Ten Fiddy sucka!!

  2. That’s pretty impressive. You should taken pictures 😉 Tiz a delicious brew.

    Ten Fiddy is good stuff, as are most of their brews. Unfortunately I don’t make it to WI too often as it is a long bike ride 🙂

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