Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

I have hesitated in reviewing this beer because even though I have a love for strong complex beers, I have not come to appreciate porters and stouts as much as I would like to. With that said Flying Dog originally from Denver, Colorado as of this year brewing out of Frederick, Maryland after acquiring Wild Goose Brewery in 2006, makes magnificent innovative beers that any craft beer fan can appreciate.  To say this beer has massive intense head would be an understatement.  Pours a heavy toffee brown colored head that is as plentiful as any good Belgian Ale.  Color is deep dark black that light can not penetrate. Smell contains hints of coffee and gentle toffee like malt scents but is very pungent. Mouthfeel is somewhat thick but your definitely not chewing on anything. Tastes of coffee and sweet toffee malt flavor in the end. Hints of light chocolate ice cream are almost present. Clean malt finish takes almost all flavor of alcohol away from this beer even though it clocks in at  7.8% ABV. Even with 85 IBUs this beers intense malt profile over powers the hops used. Part of Flying Dogs Canis Major Series this beer is certainly for craft beer lovers. Over all even as someone who doesn’t particularly care for coffee flavored beers, this one is darn good particularly on my second tasting. The intensity of the coffee flavors in this beer is rather lighter than one might expect from an imperial porter but it is certainly not lacking in flavor. If you try this beer in more than one sitting I am sure you will find more and more complexities as has been my experience. I would suggest this beer to anyone who wants a nice dark beer to sip on, particularly on a cold day. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

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    I just wanted to thank you for reviewing Flying Dog’s Gonzo Porter! I work for the brewery and always love it when people enjoy our beer and share their thoughts with other beer lovers! Thanks for your suppport!!


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