Southern Tier Oat Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Here should ideally be another wonderful beer from the brewery that I have come to respect so much, Southern Tier from Lakewood, New York. Part of their Black Water Series of imperial brews this bottle states it was brewed in Fall 2008. It will certainly be a treat. When pouring this beer it initially seemed completely flat creating no disturbance as I poured directly into the bottom of my tulip glass, until then end of my pour where the beer was allowed to settle momentarily before creating a half inch of nice dark chocolate brown head that lasted for just under two minutes. The color is pitch black leaving light no chance of passing through this beer. The aroma is nice, I notice hints of coffee first, then black licorice and some softer dark malts, some gently caramelized. The flavors in this beer are solid, initially I notice simple dark malt on the tongue which evolves into sweet mellow coffee and chocolate flavors with a slight bitterness wrapping up the taste. Though this beer is 11% ABV the multitude of flavors do a wonderful job hiding its content. Though I am sure the oats in this beer aid in its smooth flavor I only occasionally catch them standing out. The mouthfeel of this beer is very smooth and not particularly syrupy, though the body is a bit heavy. Though I’m not regularly a big fan of dark beers the roasted but sweet dark flavors in this beer are wonderful and gently balanced with a slight bitterness making this a very quality brew. This would make a grand evening sipper for anyone who enjoys a flavorful but simple dark beer and doesn’t mind a solid alcohol content and some sweetness to compliment. To another lovely Southern Tier brew, now I get to restock my fridge without feeling guilty. Give it a shot and ride your bike.

Southern Tier Oat Imperial Oatmeal Stout

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  1. Are you ready for Dark Horse beers?

  2. Fuck yea! Stoked to finally try some. Don’t think I’ll make it to the Happy Gnome tonight, but I should be at Stubs tomorrow. You gonna check out one of the release parties? Too bad all of the tastings are a ways out of the city, guess I’ll just have to buy pints of each, darn 😉

  3. What time will you be at Stubs? I think I can make it there.

  4. Are you seeing Southern Tier stuff around the cities now? I’ve only seen their IPA and Pumking.

  5. Yea, I’ve actually seen it at a number of stores that I haven’t expected. I know the Four Firkins stocks a bunch of it, saw an amazing selection at who would have thought MGM by lake Calhoun, France 44 has a few, as did the Edina Liquors by Southdale can’t remember if I saw any at zipps.

  6. Cool, I’ll check at The Firkins. It’s one of my usual stops.

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